The rich and poor meet together: the all the LORD hath made

A new world is the world of children entering school age. In fact the school is a place where the child gets , even without understanding , note that there are inequalities in society. At this age a child is extremely sensitive to the shame of poverty when it compares to the colleagues best-dressed and they can buy chocolates and different toys. I've heard countless and poignant complaints of those who suffered misery in his childhood and all the grievances that it triggers .
A mother , abandoned by her husband, has a debt so great the store that no dares longer to go there. However, it is necessary to feed the children. Then send your little girl . It knows what to expect , and before anything, refuses. But the mother scolds her ! She feels guilty for disobeying and going . "You have money? " asks the grocer . " Then come back to pick it up at home, will not give you anything if you do not have money. " The girl can not answer anything, goes away , crying. A terrible sense of guilt fills your heart . She feels guilty for not being like other girls who go to the store , feels guilty for being poor . She wanders the streets, mulling over still the blame bitter who will feel at seeing his mother crying and predicting the reproach who will suffer when it goes home empty-handed.
The above text was not written by a Brazilian. It was written by the Swiss Paul Tournier . But this is a reality lived in various places of Brazil the outside . And the situation described above I 've lived . I am sometimes thinking about what is hunger and what man can do to quench it. is hungry, loses everything he has left . Loses to shame , fear , shyness and loses . The shortage of money causes in a persons insecurity a uncertainty and in weaker one will die. Poverty is a difficult situation to be faced. Sometimes I even think that the origins of prosperity theology is right there . In the sense of doom that comes in a heart that has sufficient financial resources to meet their desires. Seems to be embedded in this theology that being poor is a condemnation terrible and to be "rich "is the only way to escape this evil. There is no harm in being poor and there is nothing wrong with being rich . The rich and poor meet together all the LORD has made . Proverbs 22:2.The problem is when these situations begin to confuse the person. In some cases the problem gets to be existential and life without meaning . Winning is the words will of order for Christians. poor can say is winner? This is the confusion that pervades the thinking of believers unwary. As a believer can say that God is with him if he has no money ? This is where the theologians of prosperity come . It's like they know exactly what it takes to be happy. And the recipe is deceptively simple. Questions come from the pulpit as a Tomahawk missile to the right address to achieve expected results. Questions like : Will you be happy? You want to be head or tail? Are you hurting? Are some questions from the repertoire of merchants . Induce people to campaigns without foundation is also a strategy used as : Campaign of the seven hidden treasures, campaign unveiling the manna Breaking down the walls of poverty , Seven weeks of harvest and so on. What is behind all this ? is Psychology a loser . It is the psychology of one who knows what being poor and the consequences caused by this condition. Most theologians prosperity know the thing that everyone hates most is not the condition of not being saved but the condition of being poor. And in this case is not necessary to be God to know what people need. On one hand these preachers prosperity know what they want its patrons of these churches also know . The detail is that whoever gives the prosperity preacher one who has and run the risk of not receiving what God has not promised . In this case the prosperity comes faster when he preaches. Preaching is good.
Why all this? One reason is the beginning of this text : She feels guilty for not being like other girls who go to the store , feels guilty for being poor . Unaware of the liberating power of God. And they end up indulging in relationship promiscuous supported by the cliche old that says it is in giving that we receive.
The real fault lies not in the fact that someone is poor. The real fault lies in the disobedience continued and deliberate to God. Many who attend churches that preach the theology of prosperity might one day find everything they want without, however, meet with God . Contrary to the owner who needs money to sell their products look what God says: O ye , all who are thirsty , come to the waters , and those who have no money, come, buy and eat: yea, come , buy , without money and without price , wine and milk. Isaiah 55:1. Do not blame yourself for being poor !
Rogério Loureiro - Brazil

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